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Narrow Down Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Springtime is here! The birds are singing, the weather is warm and your spring to-do list is a mile long! You are not alone, wintertime brings with it many challenges, one being that it is difficult to stay on top of our home maintenance when the winds and weather are so unforgiving. Now that warm weather is on the way we can start to tick off that long-awaited list. If you feel like you are drowning in chores, worry not! We have compiled a list of important home maintenance and repairs that should help you get started on prepping your home for the new season. 

Check Your Sump Pump

Spring rains could result in a flooded basement if your sump pump is neglected. It doesn’t see a lot of action in the winter so the heavy rains this season might overwhelm it if its not up to snuff. Check its functionality with a bucket of water poured down the sump pit. Once it’s filled it should kick into gear and start draining. If not, call your local plumber for service.

Check and Clean Your Gutters

Improper gutter drainage can cause water to pool along your foundation, this build-up may result in water damage or in worse cases flooding of your home. It’s so important to inspect your gutters for damage and clear out any leaves or debris that might’ve made their way in. If you see signs of damage or leaks anywhere call a professional ASAP.

Inspect Your Roof

Our winter might’ve been mild but it wasn’t completely storm free. A damaged roof leaves your home vulnerable to water damage and further destruction from fallen branches during the springtime rains. Inspect as much as you can from the ground and call if you see any damage. If your roof isn’t visible from the ground call a contractor for a routine inspection. They can identify and repair your roof to make it as secure as possible. 

Empty Your Dryer Vent

This task is easily overlooked and is important because a clogged dryer vent is a fire hazard. Unplug the machine and vacuum the lint away after disconnecting the vent from the back. Then head outside, remove the exterior vent cover and brush away the lint. Just be sure, once the cover is replaced, it can move freely. 

Remove Dead Plants and Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Dead plants are not only an eye sore but also a fire hazard. Clear your yard of debris, trim tree and shrub overgrowth and plant fresh additions.

Check Your Hose Bibbs

Hose bibbs, aka outdoor faucets, can crack and leak. This could cause water damage or even mold in your home. Check the functionality by placing your thumb over the spigot and turning on the water. If the pressure doesn’t force your thumb off, chances are there is a leak somewhere in the pipework and you will need to call a plumber. 

Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

If your air conditioning system isn’t running properly you could be wasting money. Contact a licensed HVAC professional for a routine tune-up and inspection. During their visit they will evaluate your system and perform a deep cleaning to ensure safe, efficient and reliable performance.

Care For Your Woodwork

Inspect your fences, decks, trellises, and all things wood for splinters, stains and any damage that might’ve occurred. Perform any repairs, resealing or repainting to refresh its appearance and maximize life expectancy.

Check Your Windows 

A tight seal on you windows is just as important as the windows themselves. If you feel warm air drafts, make sure your caulking or weatherstripping is intact. If you experience condensation on your windows your weatherstripping will need replaced.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the springtime chore-load. Getting through this list will put you well on your way to a less stressful season ahead. Enjoy the singing birds, blooming flowers and warm sunshine with some peace of mind; call us today at All-Weather Heating & Cooling to schedule your HVAC maintenance, we’d love to help you tick off a task or two!