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The “Whats” and “Whys” of Ductless Air Conditioning

First of all, many of you might be wondering: what is a ductless AC system? It is just how it sounds, a unit that cools air sans ductwork. As ductwork installation is expensive, a ductless system is ideal for a home or business that has no existing ducts. The difference between a standard system and ductless is how they deliver the air. Ductless units are often referred to as a “mini-split ACs”; as the system requires multiple wall units that either break the home into “cooling zones” or cool one room at a time. 

It works in essentially the same way as central air conditioning. It takes the hot air from your home, removes the heat and moisture and dumps them outside, returning only the cool air back indoors. 

Let’s take a look at the 3 main components to better understand how a ductless system works. 

The blower/evaporator: These sit on the wall of each individual room/zone. They suck in warm air, absorb the heat and moisture and blow the cool air back into the room. As is blows the cool air in it sends the warm air and moisture it collected outside via the conduit.

The conduit: This is a long, thin cable that feeds power to and connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. This cable also houses the refrigerant tubing and condensate drain that serve as a pathway for the heat and moisture to make its way toward the condenser. 

The condenser: This is the outside unit; it receives all the heat and moisture and dumps it outside. 

Here are the benefits to a ductless system

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

  • Dirty ducts mean dust, pollen, and debris are circulated throughout the home. With each room unit having its own filtration process this eliminates contamination

No Major Renovations Necessary

  • If your home is older, you are renovating, or it simply does not have preexisting ductwork, mini-split ACs are a smart choice. Ductwork installation is a major renovation that is time consuming and expensive. 

Zoned Heating and Cooling

  • Because they cool just one room, these units provide built-in “zoning”. Thus, each room or zone gets its own remote control to cool the room to the desired temperature or turn off completely when the room is not in use, saving energy.

Zero Energy Loss

  • Holes, gaps and cracks in the ductwork account for a lot of energy loss. It is estimated that 20-30% of conditioned air is wasted via duct leakage. You will also save money on duct cleaning and maintenance. 

Flexible and Versatile

  • While it is true that you cannot hide a mini-split unit, it is sleek, compact, and unobtrusive and can be installed on a wall, floor or ceiling. 

Double-Duty Performance

  • They can heat your home too! They operate similar to a heat pump and can switch gears with a flip of the switch heating individual rooms only when necessary, further increasing your energy savings. 

Ductless systems are great for eliminating hot spots and reducing energy loss. They are great for renovations, cooling garages, building into new homes and adding into old ones. We hope our list helps in your decision and if you want more information on whether a ductless system is right for you give us a call at All Weather Heating & Cooling. We’d be happy to help!

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