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Hot and Cold Spot Solutions for Your Home

Hot and Cold Spot Solutions for Your Home

Do you have a room in your home that always feels hotter or colder than the rest? If so, you are not alone. Hot and cold spots are a very common issue we see, and there are several different reasons for why this might be happening. Knowing the cause is the key to the solution. Thus, we have compiled a list of problems and fixes for you, so that they might help bring about that that nice, uniform, ideal temperature through out your home. 

1. Your Home Might Have the Wrong Size of Unit.

A unit that is too small, or even too large can cause inconsistency and problems with the humidity levels of your home. This issue is particularly common in homes with renovations and/or additions; though, old homes and new homes alike can have improperly sized units.  Get an expert’s consultation on the right size of system your home needs; if nothing else booster’s might be able to be added to aid in the effort. 

2. Holes, Cracks or Even Dirt in your Ductwork.

Faulty ducts could be letting warm or cool air escape, meaning your system is working harder and some rooms may be getting neglected. In fact, if the problem is severe you could be losing up to 40% of your conditioned air. Call a pro to assess the situation and see if you need repairs, replacements, or even just a good cleaning.  

3. Insulation and Drafts

Your ductwork should be insulated, or it will not carry the conditioned air properly and there will be inconsistencies, especially furthest away from the unit. Some places need more insulation than others and a trained professional can take a look and note where you might need more work. 

Also, air leaks make it very difficult for your system to regulate the temperature in your home. Maintaining a comfortable temp with an air leak in your system means your unit is working too hard and this might cause issues later on. 

4. Dirty Filter

If you haven’t changed your air filter in a while there is a good chance it is clogged. A clogged filter has to work harder to force air to pass through it reducing the airflow and wreaking havoc on your systems ability to regulate the temperature, not to mention the problems the excess effort is creating in your system. We recommend you change the filter every 90 days. 

5. Bad Thermostat Location

A thermostat’s job is to get an accurate reading on the ambient temperature of your home, thus if it is in direct sunlight or too close to a cool air vent the reading will not reflect your whole home. If your thermostat’s reading is incorrect it will not tell your system the correct amount of conditioned air to deliver, thus creating inconsistencies. Easy fixes would be covering windows, moving heat sources or closing vents near the device. However a move might be necessary, tale with a pro to find out how they can help.

Your home should absolutely have a uniform temperature throughout. There are small and large causes alike and a bevy of solutions to match, a zoning system might even be a viable option for your home. This would have different rooms set to different temperatures. In a sea of seemingly endless options we can help, call us at All Weather Heating & Cooling. Whatever the solution, we can find it. You shouldn’t have to live with hot or cold spots in your home, especially when the issue itself is costing you money.

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