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It’s Not Too Late for an Air Conditioning Install

It’s Not Too Late for an Air Conditioning Install

Attempting to endure a long, hot summer without a functioning air conditioner can be a serious slog. The same is true if your home has an air conditioner that does work but not optimally. As we approach the last months of the summer, many homeowners wonder if they should give up on dreams of a new air conditioning install this year. After all, fall will be here shortly anyway, and most HVAC professionals have their hands full with emergency repair calls. Do technicians even have time for an installation this time of year?

In this article from All Weather Heating and Cooling, we’ll explain that not only is the end of summer not too late to have a new air conditioning unit installed. It’s actually a great time to do so. Read on to find out why:

Cooler Weather Means Cooler Heads Will Prevail

One thing we’ve noticed in the air conditioning business is that homeowners looking to have a new air conditioner installed during the hottest parts of the year aren’t as interested in doing research. They simply want to get the job done as soon as possible to make their homes comfortable again. When it’s unbearably hot outside, it’s harder to be concerned with details, such as if you are buying the right-sized air conditioning unit for your home or what your monthly energy bill is going to be. Instead, many will be tempted to just skip straight to the cooling part.

However, waiting for the weather to cool down a bit means that you’ll be able to take your time in making your choice. In turn, this means that you are likely to make a much more responsible decision, financially and otherwise. Avoiding the rush means you’ll have time to do your research, ensuring that you are getting an air conditioning unit that is exactly right for your home. This means one that matches your budget, your expectations, and the particular needs of your building.

You’ll Save Time and Money on Installation

As with all goods and services, the cost of an air conditioning install is directly tied to supply and demand. During the summer, when everyone is clamoring to have a new AC unit installed as quickly as possible, the demand can be incredibly high. This means that the supply of HVAC technicians is often stretched thin, which causes the price of labor to go up.

There is also the wait time to consider. During peak season, you may have to wait quite a while to have a technician come perform an installation in your home. Many heating and cooling contractors are busy with the clients who called before you and might not be able to get to you right away. This means that, even if you are willing to pay the higher emergency price, you will still need to be willing to endure the waiting period if you choose to have your air conditioner installed during the summertime.

When the weather starts to cool down at the end of the summer, however, HVAC contractors typically experience a slowdown in emergency service calls. This means they have more time during which to schedule appointments for installations, repairs, and regular maintenance.

The Fall Is a Great Transition Into Winter

If your home utilizes a traditional central air conditioner to provide cooling during the summer, it’s likely that this air conditioner is making use of the same system of ductwork as your heating system. So, regardless of the time of year, those ducts are constantly in use as long as your HVAC system is operating. This constant use takes a toll.

It doesn’t take very long for dust, dirt, pollen, and other irritants to build up inside of your ductwork. Once they do, they will reduce the efficiency of both your air conditioner and heating system. Dirty ductwork can also cause dust and dirt to be circulated throughout the home whenever you are using your HVAC system, exacerbating allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

One benefit of having an air conditioning installed in the late summer or early fall is that you can also use it as an opportunity to have your filters and ducts cleaned. This will allow you to head into the winter with a clean and healthy ventilation system.

It’s Always Best If You Can Plan Ahead

If it’s properly cared for, an air conditioning unit can last for decades. However, the key phrase here is “properly cared for.” As with any mechanical system, if you want to maximize the lifespan of your air conditioner, you need to ensure it’s regularly maintained. This means an inspection by an AC technician once every year to check that all the parts are in good working order and the ducts are clean and free of debris.

Even with diligent maintenance, though, your air conditioner will eventually begin to lose some efficiency. It may also simply become obsolete. Cooling technology is improving all the time, and you may find it prudent to upgrade to a newer model to take advantage of the vastly improved energy efficiency boasted by the latest advances. You may also be able to take advantage of tax credits that are offered if you switch to a more efficient—and therefore more environmentally friendly—air conditioner.

Whatever your reasons for installing a new air conditioner, regularly maintaining it will make it much more likely it’s a planned upgrade, rather than an emergency one that results from the catastrophic failure of your previous unit. This will allow you to have the installation performed at the most cost-effective time of year, which is often the fall, and take the time to choose the air conditioner that is right for your home.

All Weather Heating & Cooling is here to help every step of the way. We stock Carrier air conditioning units that come with a 10-year limited warranty on parts, meaning that if a certain key part fails, the warranty will cover its replacement. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning installation.

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